Aging Male

Aging Male

The concept of treating an aging male collectively brings in a new era both from preventive and therapeutic aspect. In this concept, the role of Testosterone (hormones) has been elaborated. These hormones are just not responsible for sex drive and sexual performance but they also help build protein, keep the bones strong, and play a role in metabolic activities. This concept could elaborate multi specialty problems in aging male. This may reflect as sexual dysfunction, enlargement of prostate, cancer of prostate, osteoporosis, phylogenic depression, cardiac dysfunctions.

It is at this juncture in life, a man over the age of 50 years has to take preventive measures for Erectile Dysfunction, smooth passage of urine, to rule out early development of prostate cancer, endocrinological disorders and prevent cardiac dysfunctions

Give Aging men a chance

Aging is inevitable but graceful aging and accepting certain problems and preventing others has become an important part in the management of aging population.

Our goal is to ensure that the specific health needs of Men are given greater attention than ever before, specially for the following reasons. These are also the facts, which make health professionals all over the world speak of a "crisis in men's health":

  • Male life expectancy is unnecessarily low and too many men die too young from preventable causes.
  • The incidence of men's disease (CA prostate and testicular cancer) is rapidly increasing.
  • Men are especially at risk for suicide, yet male depression remains under-diagnosed and under treated.
  • Sexual health problems (including Erectile Dysfunction) are common.
  • Health services have been slow to respond to men's health needs. Little has been done to encourage and enable men to access overall services more quickly and effectively.

To tackle the problems of Elderly Male in a comprehensive manner, Dr. Raja’s Urology & Andrology Center will look into the following fields in their new concept of aging male Clinic“

  • Erectile Dysfunction & Male Sexual Health
  • Voiding Dysfunction in Men (BPH)
  • Cancer in Males (CA Prostate) - Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment.
  • Endocrinological manifestations
  • Male Cardiovascular Disease
  • Osteoporosis in men
  • Male Mood Disorder - from anger to depression
  • Male Puberty / obesity
  • Communication with male patients

The motto is "Bridging the Gap - The Male Patient in your Daily Practice" reflecting the center's integrative approach for combining for the first time, the knowledge of practicing Urologist & Andrologist and General practitioner in a more interdisciplinary way, focusing on the practical issues of Men's Health in day to day Medical Practice.

Dilip Raja